Worlds best fire fighter by Natalia 🔥

Once there was a boy called Johnny boy he was the best fire fighter in America. And everyone wanted to be just like him but they knew it was have that job so they didn’t was to ask him how to be like him. He lived in Los Angeles.And one day in town called Bella a bit younger than Johnny boy .They both fell in love with each other.But one day a horrible thing happened.Bella was in her house making a tiktok video and two boys came and lit the house on fire and ran.Bella was stuck in the house.Then Johnny boy saw fog in the air so he rushed to Bella’s house .Good news is that Bella was all fine but her house wasn’t.So Johnny boy let Bella live in he’s house.Few years later they got married.And another few years the had a whole family and they lived happily ever after.