The Explosion by Rhys

Today at the factory we were seeing what else you can do with gasoline like making candle torches extra. Then a fire started in the room we were keeping the gasoline so we evacuated the building but while we were evacuating . All the gasoline exploded and suddenly time stopped. I could see the explosions behind me and all my coworkers around me but I could not move gradually things started to move. The clock started ticking people started running and the explosion started getting bigger but no one was harmed and allot of burn marks all over the city the end.

One thought on “The Explosion by Rhys”

  1. I really like the changes in pace in your story, Rhys. Frantic activity, then everything stops, and then more frantic activity as everyone started running. I particularly like the phrase ‘The clock started ticking people started running’. You have also given your story a very imaginative setting, and I’m very pleased it had a happy ending, despite all those explosions.

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