Rhys: The Viola

It was a gold morning and I searched up some ancient items and I found one in south Europe. I said to my parents can we go to south Europe they said in one week. On Monday I decided to make a kit to bring some tools such as pickax hatchet and a shovel. On Tuesday we decided where to go in south Europe Spain is where we decided to go. On Wednesday my parents asked me why I wanted to go to south Europe I told them found out about a lost ancient viola. To be continued.

2 thoughts on “Rhys: The Viola”

  1. Excellent story Rhys. I liked the way you built up each day. I look forward to hearing the next part.

  2. Hi Rhys, I like how this story is going to be continued, I am excited to see the next one. Something you could work on is maybe adding some interesting adjectives, and make it not so blunt, but I really like your story!

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