Martyna: Forest Walk

It was a peaceful day in the forest early in the morning when Eve woke up. She ate breakfast and brushed her short black hair and packed supplies like food and water. As she went off to the forest for an adventure her Labrador named Cream followed her. The deeper into the forest she went the louder the birds were chirping. When all of a sudden she heard the sound of hooves walking on hard ground. As she approached, she saw it was a huge deer herd. Through a opening to a lake they ran away. Cream started barking at them. Eve and Cream went home happy with their adventure.

Tommy: The Mystery Box

Once upon a time there was a group of friends who wanted to have a fun adventure. They decided to go outside after walking for a bit. They soon discovered a forest and they walked on the trail. After a while they went and found a chair with a box on top. Suddenly, they heard noises coming from the box and bad smells in the air. It was a raccoon so they had run back to the trail as the leaves crunched beneath their feet but they wondered why it was there but they just left it.

Daniela: Traintrack

There once was a boy called Tokio and he was only 11 when he ran away from his parents. He decided to go to an abandoned train track and he sat on a box. He looked up at the sky and it only had clouds and it got very windy and cold.  He stood up and walked away stepping on all the leaves and there was only one green leaf and a half of a chair so he sat there beside them and saw a family of racoons. One racoon ran to his parents. Tokio ran back home and apologised to his parents.

Rhys: Where should we go?

It’s been a few weeks since I updated my diary and the president denied us but when bombs started coming down from the sky and leaves falling off of trees we knew what was happening. We found a box and opened it there were racoons so we decided to run. It was a relief to find old trader Joe and let us stay in his barn. It was better than sleeping on the floor there was chairs one chair had a pillow so we let Regan sleep in it. In the morning we said thanks to trader Joe and left him.

Martyna: The Box

When Alaska was walking down the street she saw a box on the side of the road. When she went to investigate it started moving so she went to a near huge Oak tree to find a stick. She went back to the box to open it carefully. When all of a sudden a racoon popped out and ran away. As she continued walking her mum called her ‘Alaska Come Home’ she said. When she came home her mum was sitting on a chair .When she went to her room she looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunset in the sky. She saw the oak tree and a leaf fell down from it.