Rhys: The Farm

One day my dad told me we were getting chickens. We went and got chicken coops. When we got to the shop we wanted five coops. After we got home we built the coops. It was 9pm by the time we were finished. I went straight to bed. When I woke up, there were chickens. I went out then that’s when knew I should run. I ran so fast away from them. I got to the garage, got on my quad and drove to the shop and got an air horn. When I got back they were all in there coops so I closed the coops and went back inside.

Sarah: The Pool

It was a Saturday morning,June 2nd the first day of summer. It was 22° degrees outside. Sarah and her friends decided to get in her pool it was ice cold.  After a while, Sarah and her friend summer decided to have a water fight it was really fun.That’s when I  knew I should run. They played for hours. After 2 hours of playing they decided to get out of their pool and to their surprise their parents had bought them ! ICE CREAM ! It was delicious. They played and played till the day ended.

Molly: Tree House

One day a girl called Emily and her dog buddy were going on a nature walk. Emily lived near a little river and her and her dog would go there everyday and collect leaves for her tree house that she was trying to make. Herself and buddy would climb by these rocks and climb up this tree what she wanted to be her tree house.  After a year her tree house was finally done. It was beside a large long tree with three little trees and she loved it. Buddy lay on the grass. Emily tried to build a space for him. She is still working on it.

Daniela: Lifesaver

Hello my name is Ben and was only 14 when I nearly died.  It all started when I got lost while walking in the forest. There was no path way or stones so i just kept walking my dog had no idea where we were going but the out of nowhere I fell in a deep pond. I can’t swim so i just panicked.  My dog let out the loudest bark. I eventually fainted.  When I woke up I was in a hospital. I told them what happened and they told me something I couldn’t believe.

Rhys: New Pet

Today I was just wondering around fields and I found a river. I followed a dog for about ten minutes and it suddenly stopped by the river and a few trees. I got close to the dog it lifted its paw up and there was a thorn in the paw. Then I brought him home and I pulled out the thorn and gave it a fleeing tablet. Then I introduced him to my friends and family they thought he was so cute. The next day I went to the shop and bought the essential item for taking care of a dog.