The Bush Fire

Recently, in California, there have been a lot of bushfires.One of the firefighters on the front line is Cole Drake he really likes his job ,even though it is really dangerous.He enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when he puts out a fire .Today he was at a forest where someone accidentally dropped a match in a bush and caused a fire, soon the whole forest was ablaze.They called the wrong number and the fire department was late. So when they got there the fire was huge.But thanks to their heroic efforts they were able to put out the fire . Cole and the rest of the California fire department are heroes


The fire fight back

 My friends and I went camping one day and lit a fire and we are in the out back and then we ate melted marshmallows  from the fire I lit then we .Saw a fire truck 🚒 so we followed it.It was a big bush fire 🔥 then we got buckets 🪣 of water 💧.And we throw it on to the fire 🔥 then someone throw gas it went higher then the clouds ☁️ and it blow up a car 🚗  and a house 🏠 went up in flames 🔥 then there was over 800 firefigher there they got the fire 🔥 out  they was a very scary 😧 camping 🏕 time

The Bushfire by Jakub P

Pink is a firefighter from Melbourne. She had saved zero people from fire, because she is new. One Sunday night at Canberra, a great bushfire started randomly. At Pink’s house, the house started whistling! She went to her fire truck, and went to the bushfire. When Pink got there, people were shouting for help. She thought she couldn’t do it, but she did. Pink washed the fire away, and people congratulated her. On Monday morning, Pink was awarded “The best newbie firefighter in Australia”, and Pink enjoyed a nice holiday at the beach.

The Worst Experience by Izabela

Jess was a young firefighter and loved her job she never thought about changing it until this one night. On Halloween  people lit fireworks in big fields one of the groups that had fireworks were teenagers that always messed around, since they had a big opportunity they bought a big firework that even if you lived miles away you would still perfectly see it, after they lit the small ones they lit the big one and something awful happened, something went wrong and it didn’t go up instead it blew up on the field, Jess was then called in and she tried to put it out but it just kept spreading. They finally called two helicopters and the fire ended.

The Pumpkin Patch by ,Lena

Ella went to sleep like any other night.She recently moved into an old,wood house beside a pumpkin patch.Ella often heard noises coming from the patch ,especially when hallowe’en came .Ella fell asleep in her warm cozy bed;.The sound of gurgling woke her up,She went down stairs to see what it was, there was live corpse smashing her plates and cups.The stair Ella was on creaked,all the attention went to her ,the corpse started sprinting at her .she ran back to her room and locked the door ,Ella tried falling asleep but the banging on the door wouldn’t let her,as morning came,the house filled up with sunlight .it got quieter, and quieter ,until there was nothing heard.She hurried outside ,to see where the corpses came from ,there was holes in the ground .turns out there was a cemetery under the pumpkin patch that was more than 1000 years old .Ella got permission to burn it ,the firefighters were watching to make sure nothing goes wrong.As the flames took over ,Ella felt a huge relief…