The Movies by Ailin

Lily and Lana are going to the movies today. They are watching Jumanji (the next level) Lily is 15yrs old and Lana is 8yrs old. They went to the movies and got the tickets. After a few minutes Lana said she wanted to go and get a snack and got some money from lily her older sister, lily insisted that she would go with her but Lana said no and left by saying that she is responsible and that she should go. And went. But after around 30 minutes she went out to look for her but she found in the shops, she was looking for snacks. Gradually things moved on…..

Tommy: The Basketball Game

I woke up early  on a Thursday morning and my Dad and I got in the car.  We drove to a basketball stadium. When we got into the stadium we took our seats as the game was starting in fifteen minutes.  We went and got some sweets and a few drinks.  I got a coke. We got back before the game had started. But then an elephant came out. Everyone didn’t know what was going on. Then the elephant delivered his speech on how to be successful and after that we finished off the game.

Filip: Trip to Egypt

It all started when my family and I took a trip to Egypt. After we made it to Egypt we got to our hotel and had an idea to go on an extraordinary adventure. The adventure was to go and discover the ancient gold viola. We walked in search for hours and after walking so far we saw all the pyramids and camels. After I saw the pyramids, we found a chest in the sand. Of course we opened it and found ancient gold viola. But then we saw a sand storm that came from the west and eventually we got lost. I found us help to get us back to the apartment.

Rhys: The Viola

It was a gold morning and I searched up some ancient items and I found one in south Europe. I said to my parents can we go to south Europe they said in one week. On Monday I decided to make a kit to bring some tools such as pickax hatchet and a shovel. On Tuesday we decided where to go in south Europe Spain is where we decided to go. On Wednesday my parents asked me why I wanted to go to south Europe I told them found out about a lost ancient viola. To be continued.

Sarah: School Tour

It was Friday beautiful morning. At 9.15am all the 5th and 6th class were getting ready to go on their school trip.They were going on a bus to get there. By 9.30 everyone was on the bus eating there snacks,some people had sandwiches and some people had crackers or other. Everyone started singing songs its was really funny. When we got there we done lots and lots of cool activities and by the time we had finished all the activities it was 4.45pm. We had to go home. We got home by 5.20pm. Everyone had an amazing day.