Martyna: Golden Compass

Ally woke up with a gold compass in her hand. She didn’t know where she was but she got up and took a look at her surroundings. She looked too be in an ancient Greek temple. As she admired the way it looks she was also searching for a way out when she found it. “VIOLĂ€”shouted Ally when she found the way out. She realized that the compass wasn’t just any compass it was a magical compass. As she was going through the dense forest when suddenly she fell in a hole that she couldn’t get out of and lay unconscious. What happened next….?

4 thoughts on “Martyna: Golden Compass”

  1. Fantastic Story! I really want to know what happens next, superb and exciting ending, well done on you writing.

    1. I really like how like how you wake up with the compass in your hand, you didn’t find it or anything but it makes it really interesting. really good adjectives, I LOVE IT!, thanks so much, mollie

  2. Dear Martyna,

    I really liked how you started off your story. It intrigued me.
    I think you could work on adding a bit more descriptive language in your story.
    Who is Viola?

    – Elysse

  3. Oooo – this reminds me of His Dark Materials. What a gripping start!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs Abena

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