Martyna: Forest Walk

It was a peaceful day in the forest early in the morning when Eve woke up. She ate breakfast and brushed her short black hair and packed supplies like food and water. As she went off to the forest for an adventure her Labrador named Cream followed her. The deeper into the forest she went the louder the birds were chirping. When all of a sudden she heard the sound of hooves walking on hard ground. As she approached, she saw it was a huge deer herd. Through a opening to a lake they ran away. Cream started barking at them. Eve and Cream went home happy with their adventure.

3 thoughts on “Martyna: Forest Walk”

  1. Dear Martyna

    I loved how you ended the story. I also loved the name of the dog. It also makes it easy to paint a great picture in my head. All together I really loved the story.

    From Mia

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