Fire eats the money

Joe was beside his dying  father asking him who is going to get the inheritance.His father looked at him and with an evil smile on his face and he said “Not you” the life support machine went blank, he’s dead.Joe didn’t want the money  ,he just wanted a good father.Joe was born in a very rich family but he always was the most hated child so he never got any perk from his family’s wealth, he went to he’s mother the only person that treated him a little better than everyone else.So he made he’s way to he’s mothers house there he saw he’s mother waiting for him she knew he was going to come.She said in her calm voice ,  “how much do you want and why ”“Lee wants he’s  money back and 60,000”“this is the last time”. But instead of giving the money to Lee he went to the Casino spending all his money but profiting to 260,302. He had a big sigh of relief . But then it struck ,him he forgot the stove on. He ran cause he knew he was to late he saw it burning he remembered that he’s diamond watch was In the apartment the entrance was blocked so he started scaling the building saving people in the progress but then he slipped ……..TO BE CONTINUED

One thought on “Fire eats the money”

  1. Very good story
    Use the word “his” instead of “he’s”
    Very captivating twist at the end

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