Filip: Trip to Egypt

It all started when my family and I took a trip to Egypt. After we made it to Egypt we got to our hotel and had an idea to go on an extraordinary adventure. The adventure was to go and discover the ancient gold viola. We walked in search for hours and after walking so far we saw all the pyramids and camels. After I saw the pyramids, we found a chest in the sand. Of course we opened it and found ancient gold viola. But then we saw a sand storm that came from the west and eventually we got lost. I found us help to get us back to the apartment.

2 thoughts on “Filip: Trip to Egypt”

  1. Hi Filip,
    Firstly well done on managing to get a complete story into one hundred words, your story had a beginning, middle and end. I loved the sense of adventure in this family and you could see where your character got his/her bravery from. Your story was full of excitement and I loved the setting of your story as Egypt has many treasures, mysteries and is
    we are still discovering more and more about this fascinating country every year.
    Well done and keep writing.

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