Rhys: The Woods

After we had found a man to take us to the President but his car broke down in the middle of the woods so we had to camp in the woods. It wasn’t the worst thing we found an abandoned fishing house. Then we decided to camp out there for the night there was fishing rods and bait so we decided to fish. Then we thought we caught a monster but it was a metal box with ready cook meals inside. Suddenly we heard a deafening scream echoed through the night we ran in the house and decided to go to sleep.

Martin: The Bad Night

There was a boy named Harry.Harry was playing hide and seek with his friends.they were hiding in a cornfield. But they didn’t know they were not alone. When Harry was on he counted behind a tree up to 100 seconds his friends were cheating and climbing up trees because they saw something in the field. They didn’t tell Harry when Harry was finding them he saw something in the field then jumped and saw a rat. He jumped again and said aaaaaaaah. The deafening scream echoed through the cold night it was a rat and a big one he ran tho the house and told his mom. To be continued


The deafening screams echoed through the cold night as we ran while being chased we were going on an adventure when we stumbled on to a cool looking abandoned village as we were wondering we heard screaming so we ran away we were wondering why. Was there screaming we thought nothing of it and continued exploiting the surrounding area we heard the screaming once again. We figured that we should stay away of the village so that we won’t be trespassing on to the spirits land as soon as we started heading home we didn’t hear the spirits screaming. As soon as we got home we watched TV and ate snacks.