Rhys: Where should we go?

It’s been a few weeks since I updated my diary and the president denied us but when bombs started coming down from the sky and leaves falling off of trees we knew what was happening. We found a box and opened it there were racoons so we decided to run. It was a relief to find old trader Joe and let us stay in his barn. It was better than sleeping on the floor there was chairs one chair had a pillow so we let Regan sleep in it. In the morning we said thanks to trader Joe and left him.

Martyna: The Box

When Alaska was walking down the street she saw a box on the side of the road. When she went to investigate it started moving so she went to a near huge Oak tree to find a stick. She went back to the box to open it carefully. When all of a sudden a racoon popped out and ran away. As she continued walking her mum called her ‘Alaska Come Home’ she said. When she came home her mum was sitting on a chair .When she went to her room she looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunset in the sky. She saw the oak tree and a leaf fell down from it.

Filip: John the Racoon

Once upon a time there was a racoon called John. John was a poor racoon with no food. He liked to sleep on a office chair that someone threw out. He was cold so he covered himself with leaves and looked up in the saying God help me find a home he fell asleep. He woke up with two children staring at him John was happy so the children took him to the house and asked their mom. Mom “can we have this raccoon”, she said “sure Ben and Jerry”. They took him and called him John so John was happy and positive.

Lee: The War

It was May 11th, the first month of summer and the day was okay. It was in the papers that there was a war starting in the morning and we would be getting prepared at the Granard Butter Market this evening at 7 o’clock. After supper we went down to the butter market. There were tanks and guns and lasers and all. They were digging out trenches in the football pitches. It was the next morning and the war had started. All the men had to join it or they’d be killed. It turned night time and the sound of guns and the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.

Filip: Archaeologist

Once upon a time there where 3 archaeology exploring a forest in California. They kept on walking until they saw a narrow cave. One of the archaeologists said let’s go and explore it inside. They went in and saw two chains hanging of the top of the cave it was all in blood. The walls walls where all in ancient writing and suddenly they heard deafening scream echoed through the cold night and ran away. One of the archaeologist said it was a place where the devil sacrificed others. So they took a Ouija board and gave it to a museum.