The Yellow Box by Martyna

The Forest Slender by Wiktoria

Jane came back from school and was desperate for some food as she had not ate the whole day. She waited impatiently while doing her homework.She ate her dinner,then ten minutes later went out on her new yellow bicycle.She was cycling down the road when she saw her neighbour, a greedy old man trying to gain her attention by yelling her way,when she turned her head his way he warned her to NOT go near the forest.She was confused why but before she could ask he was gone.She wasn’t even going to the forest anyway so it didn’t bother her.But then,she heard a shriek from,you guessed it,the forest. She recognised it as one of the little girls from senior infants.It seemed to not be to deep in so she decided to to atleast try to get a peek on what’s happening but then she saw a tall, slender figure as tall as the trees and she felt static in hear ears and she tensed as her vision was dark and she quickly looked away and tried to ride away….

The Tribe by Martyna

Hello! My name is Agni and I live in a tribe of over 50 people.But war broke out between my tribe and an other tribe over our leader Luna who sadly passed away not too long ago.She didn’t have any children so there wasn’t another leader.That made us really vulnerable to the other tribe which we were enemy’s with.The death of Luna forced us to relocate even if that meant leaving the place the tribe grew time went on gradually things started to move on.The sudden death of Luna was still a shock to us but we least now were safe and we have all of our needs.

Basketball Game by Charlie

Me and my family went to an NBA match we were watching the Lakers vs Chicago bulls ,at the end of the match the Lakers won by 64 points and the Chicago bull had 58 points we were home at 11pm almost midnight .i fell asleep that night and it was morning I was shooting a few hoops out in my back yard and it was starting to rain I took one more shot and it off the rim and went smashing through my neighbors window and I blamed it on his son.

The Explosion by Rhys

Today at the factory we were seeing what else you can do with gasoline like making candle torches extra. Then a fire started in the room we were keeping the gasoline so we evacuated the building but while we were evacuating . All the gasoline exploded and suddenly time stopped. I could see the explosions behind me and all my coworkers around me but I could not move gradually things started to move. The clock started ticking people started running and the explosion started getting bigger but no one was harmed and allot of burn marks all over the city the end.